Shot blasting – sand blasting

We are providing metal shot blasting – sand blasting services since 10th of July, 2017


What is shot blasting – sweep blasting?

  • Shot blasting – sweep blasting is a very efficient way of metal processing when the surface of a metal is cleaned, strengthened (peened) or polished. At the same time various leftovers of coatings are removed, and the surface becomes somewhat matte.
  • When working with shot blasting – sweep blasting, the abrasive is supplied to the air flow and directed at a high speed from the sprayer to the surface of a metal. Abrasive is being sprayed with large pressure and the surfaces in being cleaned from dirt, rust or old paint.
  • Shot blasting is cleaning of metal surfaces using steel shots.
  • Sweep blasting is cleaning of metal surfaces using aluminum oxide abrasive.
  • Shot blasting is useful when aluminum oxide is unable to clean the surface of a metal properly.


4 reasons why it is worth it:

  • Your time and logistical expenses are saved since the services are provides in the same location as powder coating service.
  • Shot blasting – sweep blasting improves the grip of powder with the surface significantly.
  • Shot blasting – sweep blasting improves anti-corrosive qualities of a powder coated metal.
  • Shot blasting – sweep blasting prolongs the service time of a product up to 3 times


Our equipment meets of all of ISO requirements

  • For metal cleaning (shot blasting – sweep blasting) we use the newest German made “Clemco” equipment. It meets the standards of cleanliness of Sa 1, Sa 2, Sa 2,5 ir Sa 3, according to ISO 12944-4 standard.
  • The measurements of shot blasting – sweep blasting blast room are: 9 meters length, 4 meters width and 3 meters height. This enables us to clean metal products of large proportions as well as those of unusual sizes and shapes.


Convenience and speed

  • As mentioned before, for your convenience, at the moment we are the only powder coating company in Vilnius, which provides shot blasting – sweep blasting and powder coating services in a single location (Motorų str. 14, 6 building, Vilnius).