1. Unloading of the production;
  2. Preparation of the production for powder coating
  3. Powder coating the production
  4. Packing of the production by a protective film
  5. Uploading of the production


Our technical possibilities:

  • We have one of the biggest heating ovens in Lithuania (length – 7000 mm, width – 1800 mm, hight – 2000 mm) and the production line, which enables us to paint 400 square meters per day as well as huge items and large amounts of items
  • We powder coat various metals and their surfaces. If you like more information please call us or contacts us via the e-mail.
  • The most popular orders at this time are various metal constructions used by building industries (fences, steel doors, railings, gates etc.) as well as trade equipment such as racks. Powder coating has become a standard in industries such as heating and ventilation systems, cars and furniture industries, aluminum items and others.
  • The order completion time depends on the size of the product and the total amount of work at that time. Under normal circumstances, an estimate order completion time is 2-5 business days.