What are powder coating results?

In a rapidly developing Lithuanian industry, the quality of the services is improving and the range of the services is expanding as well. Thus promoting the competition of both small and big companies, some already established in the market and others completely new ones. A frequent user may get lost in the sea of offers and opportunities. Powder coating is a very common and one of the most popular ways of meal constructions painting in Western Europe, which is currently conquering Lithuanian market.

Powder coating – is an advanced finishing technology for a wide range of parts, materials and products used in various industries. During the process the surface of an item is covered with a layer of decorative and protective powder coating. Thus, the product is protected from heat, scratching, corrosion and other weather effects. Powder paint coated metal surface is extremely durable and resistant to shocks, paint retains its elasticity even after the deformation of the surface and is resistant to abrasion, UV and other weathering effects of natural phenomena. Our company offers a particularly wide range of colors, textures that will meet the high requirements of  the customers and the end-users.

The main advantages of the powder coating:

  • economical – even within the chemically aggressive environments long life pavement is ensured, and as the technology developed the prices of powder coating has dropped
  • appearance – customers and end users have high requirements of the product’s aesthetic side, and powder coating can offer a full range of colors and many textures.
  • ecological – technology does not pollute the nature as solvents and thinners are not used. Neither the atmosphere or waste water is affected. In addition, the unused powder can be collected and reused.