About us

Joint Stock Company „Betriolis” is of the biggest powder coating companies in Lithuania. If we had to pick a word to describe us, it would be – EXPERIENCE. We strive to provide the highest quality services and we hope that flexible price policy and discount system, together  with solid technical possibilities will provide new ways for our future cooperation.

JSC “Betriolis” was established in 2003 and has been working in the field of powder coating for seven years. During this time many positive changes have happened, which has helped us to improve and expand our services. A loyal customer base was set up and contracts with reliable suppliers of materials were made. In addition to this, internships at the Belgian powder coating company “Oxyplast” were conducted. However, the most important change was the change of shareholders in 2007. This allowed us to carry out restructuring and ensure a long-term future of the company.

The further aims of the company is to develop cooperation with existing clients and expand our customer base by finding the new ones. We are delighted to say that our clients are such well-known companies in Lithuania as JSC “Baltic Master”, JSC “Novena”, JSC “KG Constructions” and many other manufacturers various types of metal structures and products. Whenever possible the company intends to expand and provide new services.

By choosing the powder coating services of JSC “Betriolis”, you will not only be able to select the right color and will be satisfied with the quality of our work. Because of the durability and resistance of the powder coating, you will also be able to avoid unnecessary expenses by not having to re-paint the surface of metal constructions. By choosing powder coating you are thinking about the future.